Flying Sciurus Art

Art and Illustration of Shaun Nakasone

Custom The Iron Bull custom Funko Pop

Really liked how this little guy came out. This started out as a blank Funko pop male figure. Sculpted elements made from super sculpey and Apoxie sculpt.

Got the horn texture by carving the half cured Apoxie sculpt with a X-acto knife. 
Really didn't totally look like iron bull until I added the chin, muscles and pillowy man-bosoms.


Death Prophet custom Micro-Munny

Custom Death prophet from Dota2. Figure sculpted on a Micro Munny base from Apoxie Sculpt and Super Sculpey. 5" (7" with the base).
This figure was made in support of the Extra Life charity event. This figure is up for auction, 100% for charity (Children's Miracle Network Hospitals)

The auction listing is HERE


Updates and charity figures

Apologies for lack of updates. Been really behind in putting new up. Will be putting a ton of stuff up on the site as well as the store in the next few weeks.

As for now I will show My submission to the Desert Bus for Hope charity event. This Raz figure is based on a 4" Munny head and body. The entire figure need up being 8" tall. I'll give the time and date when this guy will be up for auction when I know.

This second figure is a work in progress Death Prophet from Dota 2. This one will be put up for auction this weekend for charity during the Child's Play charity event.


Finally an update!

After a brief hibernation, I've added more stuff to the site. I've put a bunch of new figures in the vinyl figures section( The last few Harley Quinns and a few Star Wars figures.)

I'm also going to be putting up more work in progress images as i take them.

Here are some images of the the Toph 4" munny I am working on.